Wireless LTE in Argos

We are now offering wireless LTE internet service in Argos.

Great Internet All Over Argos

Hyper Wave is proud to announce the availability of wireless LTE internet service in Argos. With this new technology, we are able to deliver wireless internet to places we previously couldn't reach with our traditional wireless network. The new LTE network in Argos doesn't require line-of-sight and can deliver fast speeds at an affordable price.

Line of Sight Not Required

Unlike our traditional wireless network, our LTE equipment does not require line-of-sight to one of our tower sites. Instead, this new LTE network utilizes licensed spectrum and what we call "wireless magic" to deliver the internet in and around the Argos area. While we still can't reach every corner of Green and Walnut Townships, we can now reach the vast majority of residents with an Argos address. Sign up using the form below and we'll be in contact with you to discuss your LTE options.