How It Works

This is how we deliver the best quality internet service.

Hyper Wave Delivers Wirelessly

We utilize wireless radio equipment to deliver the internet to homes and businesses throughout the communities we serve. In order to work properly, this equipment must have clear line-of-sight to one of our tower sites. Before we mount any of our equipment, we will perform a site survey. We utilize a combination of sophisticated link planning software and on-site testing by an experienced technician to help us determine if we can deliver a quality signal. There is no cost for the site survey.

Our Equipment & Installation

Hyper Wave uses advanced 5.8 GHz equipment manufactured by Ubiquiti. This equipment is the latest in wireless internet technology. Most of our radios are relatively small (much smaller than a typical satellite dish) and are rather inconspicuous. Each installation is different, so it's always best to speak with the technicians on-site to find the best mounting location.
We typically mount our radio equipment to your home using an arm mount that we attach to the side or roof of your home. Alternatively, we may be able to clamp the radio to an existing TV antenna tower or chimney. Whenever possible, we try to use existing wire paths to minimize drilling holes into your home. If we do need to drill holes or mount equipment, we always caulk and seal the holes to prevent water and insects from getting into your home.
We will then run a shielded CAT5e Ethernet cable from the radio to a point within your home. This cable will be connected to a small power brick that will be used to supply power to the radio. We will then run an Ethernet cable from our power brick to your router. Our technicians will check for signal quality and make sure that everything is working properly before they leave your house.

Clear Line-of-Sight

In order to work properly, our equipment must have clear line-of-sight (LOS) to one of our towers located throughout the communities we serve. In the illustration below, the house has clear LOS to the tower, so there should be no problem delivering our services to this location.
Clear Line of Sight

Blocked by Trees

Trees cause a major problem for our equipment. In the illustration below, the customer's house does not have clear LOS to the tower. In this case, we wouldn't be able to deliver internet service to this customer. Sometimes, it isn't even the trees next to your house that cause a problem. In some cases, trees on an adjacent property or even several miles away can cause LOS issues.
Service Blocked by Trees

Blocked by Buildings

Other buildings can also cause problems. Your neighbor's house, barn or other structure can prevent us from delivering internet service. However, in some cases, we can still get a signal to your location by re-positioning our equipment in your yard, on an adjacent fence or other structure on your property.
Service Blocked by Buildings

Install Your Own Tower

Some installations are nearly impossible without an on-site tower. While expensive to install, having your own tower can allow you to avoid certain obstacles that prevent clear LOS. In the illustration below, we are shooting over the tree tops and buildings to achieve optimal signal strength.
House with a Tower

Share With Your Neighbors

In some cases, it is impossible to get a clear signal to your house without a little help from your neighbor. If you have a neighbor that has a suitable tower, we may be able to negotiate use of that tower so that we can re-broadcast our signal to your home. This doesn't work in every situation, but sometimes it is the only viable solution.
Share with Your Neighbors

Want to Learn More?

If you still have questions, might we suggest that you read through our frequently asked questions section. You can also call or click for more information. Hyper Wave is here to help!