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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about our services. We've assembled this frequently asked questions page to help answer these questions. Have a question we don't cover? Send us a request and we'll try to share your answer with everyone else.

What areas do you currently cover?

We currently cover the Plymouth, Knox and Argos areas. We have several tower sites located throughout these communities to offer the most coverage. However, we can't cover every possible nook and cranny. In order to determine if we can get service to your home or business, we usually must do a site survey before installation. There is no cost to perform a site survey.

Can you get service to my house?

That depends on several factors. The biggest one being line of sight. Our 5.8 GHz wireless internet technology does not play well with trees and other obstacles. If we can get a clear shot to one of our tower sites, then we can get you service. In Argos, we have deployed our LTE wireless service, which has greatly expanded our coverage area. Most homes and businesses within a few miles of Argos can get our LTE wireless service.

Is there an installation charge?

Yes. We charge $150 as our standard installation fee. More complex installations may require additional fees, based upon your exact circumstances, although virtually all customers pay only for the standard installation.

How fast is your service?

Our internet packages are available with several speed options. Our slowest package starts at 6 Mbps and our fastest standard package is 48 Mbps. Latencies can vary depending upon distance from our main tower site in Plymouth. However, many users experience ping rates of just a few milliseconds on our 5.8 GHz network. LTE customers may experience slightly higher latency.

What type of equipment do you use?

Hyper Wave uses the latest wireless internet equipment manufactured by Ubiquiti on our 5.8 GHz network. Our LTE wireless internet service uses equipment manufactured by Baicells. Our fiber optic backbone is tied directly into our network using enterprise-grade switches and routers. For customer premise equipment (CPE), our wireless radios generally measure about a foot across.

So does your technology use satellites?

No. Our technology uses ground-based line of sight radios and ground-based LTE equipment. The result is much faster download speeds and quicker ping times.

Do you have data caps?

No. We do not limit the amount of data you can download or upload, only the speed. However, all internet usage is subject to our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Can I watch Netflix with your service?

Yes. However, for streaming videos over your computer or smart TV, we recommend going with our Choice 6 package or higher. Also, the more devices you have streaming, the more bandwidth you will require.

Are my speeds guaranteed?

No. The speeds we advertise are the maximum speeds we deliver. At certain points during the day, your speeds may vary slightly depending on overall network usage. However, we do our best to deliver the speeds we advertise. Ping times, latency and jitter will vary depending on a number of factors.

Do I need my own router?

If you have your own router, then you do not need a router from us. However, we do have routers available if you need one. If you purchase a router from Hyper Wave, we can manage the device for you.

Can I download illegal movies and music?

No. Our upstream providers monitor for illegal downloads of copyrighted materials and notify us when a violation has occurred. In turn, we will notify you if your internet connection has been utilized to download illegal content. All internet customers are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), which could result in fees and/or suspension or termination of your account for violating this policy.

Do you have a contract?

We do not require a contract when you pay for the standard installation up-front.

Is your service affected by weather?

In general, our wireless internet service is not affected by weather. However, severe storms can cause power outages at our remote tower sites that can affect your service. Since our towers are hundreds of feet up in the air, our equipment is susceptible to lightning strikes.